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SKF Bearing Oil Film Lubrication Replacement Steps

The lubrication management of SKF bearing oil film is very important and cannot be ignored. The detailed introduction is as follows: More than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to lubrication technology management. Improve lubrication management, prevent SKF bearings, gears and other frictio...

SKF Expert System Helps Reduce Bearing Failures

In 1907, the Swedish engineer Sven Winquist invented the spherical ball bearing in his hometown of Gothenburg, and the SKF Group was born. SKF Bearing Company is a world leader in the bearing manufacturing industry. The group is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. SKF bearing business spreads all over the world. SKF Bearing Com...

How To Choose Right Bearing Grease

Rolling bearings are widely used in industrial production and are the basic accessory parts of mechanical equipment. The function of the rolling bearing is to convert the sliding friction between the shaft and the shaft seat into rolling friction. During the operation of the rolling bearing, the rolling friction will cause the b...

How To Clean The Bearing

The advantages of rolling bearings 1. Low starting friction and low dynamic friction The difference between starting friction and dynamic friction is small, and the friction coefficient is small, so the drive device can be miniaturized, so that the machine body can also be miniaturized and lightened, reducing the cost of the mac...

Japan NSK Develops Tapered Roller Bearings

Japans NSK Seiko Co., Ltd. has developed locally produced tapered roller bearings for hydraulic excavator travel reducers in China for emerging markets. Compared with previous products, they have higher reliability. This product is in response to the needs of emerging markets. It is purchased locally in China and produced locall...

Research And Development Of Metal Bipolar Plates Schaeffler

In recent years, in addition to Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and other OEMs that have launched hydrogen fuel cell models that can be mass-produced, other internationally influential OEMs such as Daimler, Audi, BMW, etc. have also maintained their continued commitment to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Research and development, upstream i...

When Is The Better Time To Change The Bearing Oil

As everyone knows, grease plays a very important role in the use of bearings. Then someone will ask, is it possible to use grease to lubricate bearings indefinitely? When and how much oil should be changed? In fact, these problems are complicated problems of bearing maintenance technology. To the question of whether grease can b...

Bearing Maintenance

In order to give full play to the bearing and maintain its due performance for a long time, it is necessary to do regular maintenance. Through appropriate regular inspections, it is very important to improve productivity and economy to detect faults early and prevent accidents before they occur. (1) Cleaning When disassembling t...

The Purpose Of Bearing Preloadt

The main purpose of preload and representative examples are as follows: ⑴Improve the guiding accuracy of the bearing. Spindle bearings and measuring instrument bearings of machine tools. ⑵ Improve rigidity. Bearings for main shaft bearings of machine tools and pinion gears of automobile differential mechanisms. ⑶ Reduce vi...