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FAG Bearing Installation affect Bearing Working Life

Bearings are one of the important components on construction machinery. Poor installation will affect their use and even cause failure of construction machinery equipment. If foreign materials such as iron filings, burrs, and dust enter the FAG bearing, it will cause noise and vibration during operation of the FAG bearing, and m...

The Main Points of FAG Bearing Type Selection

1.Size restrictions Usually the space where FAG bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical design or other design limitations. Therefore, the choice of FAG bearing type and size is determined according to the inner diameter of the bearing. Therefore,...

What is NSK Bearing Creep and its Influencing Factors

Creep is a common form of damage of NSK bearings. We need to distinguish the damaged bearings according to the specific damage of the specific bearings and determine how the bearings should be dealt with. Based on the knowledge of the bearings, Eric Bearing Limited will share the relevant information today. Detailed knowledge of...

Insufficient Lubrication Causes TIMKEN Bearing Damage Level

Lubrication plays an important role in the use of TIMKEN bearings. In many cases, the damage of TIMKEN bearings is caused by poor lubrication. According to statistics, about 40% of TIMKEN bearing damages are related to poor lubrication. In order to get a good lubrication method for the bearing, Eric Bearing Limited analyzed the ...

Answers to Common Questions About INA Bearing Installation

Question 1:How to choose grease? Lubrication has a very important effect on the operation and life of INA bearings. Here is a brief introduction to the general principles of grease selection. Lubricating grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The performance of different types and different types of lubricating gre...

KOYO Bearing Damage Investigation and Countermeasures

Koyo imported bearing fatigue failure is a failure surface form, mainly manifested as fatigue crack initiation, expansion and fracture process, the metal produced by the long-term impact of the load failure generated under alternation. The cracks are in two ways: 1. From the surface, this is KOYO imported bearings during rolling...

Check if the SKF Bearing Grease Can be Transformed

In the process of using SKF imported bearings; grease is very important. If so; the use of decayed grease; not only does not achieve the desired effect; but also will damage SKF imported bearings. The following analysis to check the commonly used grease Some ways. 1.Oil flow survey method Take two measuring cups; one between the...

Five Reasons for Overheating of TIMKEN Bearings

The inspection of the TIMKEN bearing should be carried out under the astigmatism lamp, and the appearance and cracks of the TIMKEN bearing should be carefully observed. 1. Peeling and folding: The locality of these two defects is not tightly bonded to the base metal, and there are often decarburization or carbon depletion around...

SKF Bearing Clearance Adjustment for Different Machines

Depending on the mechanical equipment, the use of SKF bearing type operation will also be different. The use of the bearing is selected according to the requirements of the mechanical use. Then how to adjust the clearance of the bearing in different machinery? Based on the knowledge of different types of bearings, Eric Bearing L...