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Methods to reduce the noise of TIMKEN bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-05-11

(1) Method of using chemical additives


Adding certain chemical additives to the lubricant of TIMKEN imported bearings can reduce the noise of TIMKEN imported bearings. For example, a certain factory in Tianjin produces a low-noise grease containing noise reduction additives, which can reduce the noise of TIMKEN imported bearings from the original basis. Reduced by 3.9 ~ 9.2dB, suitable for use in miniature or small TIMKEN imported bearings.


(2) Use vibration absorption or vibration isolation device


The use of vibration absorption or vibration isolation devices to reduce the noise of TIMKEN imported bearings or isolate the noise of TIMKEN imported bearings can achieve good results, but this often pays a great price in economics. Sometimes the mechanism becomes larger, the heat dissipation conditions become worse, or it is easy to rust. It should be fully considered when using it, and this method should only be used after other measures have been taken and the low-noise index cannot be achieved.


The simplest example is the centripetal ball TIMKEN imported bearing that can withstand thrust at high speed instead of the thrust TIMKEN imported bearing. The outer ring can be covered with a plastic jacket that is full of rust-proof lubricating oil, and the thrust TIMKEN imported bearing with a cover or Generally, the imported TIMKEN thrust bearing is inlaid with the same plastic sleeve in the inner hole or outer circle when permitted, but it is not allowed to rub or interfere with adjacent parts during rotation. This method has a certain muffling effect.


Another example is to add an intermediate sleeve between the TIMKEN imported bearing and the housing hole, which can attenuate the vibration force transmitted from the rotating system to the TIMKEN imported bearing housing, but this requires proper adjustment, otherwise the opposite effect may occur.


Another example is to use a sound-absorbing and sound-proof cover to completely close or close the noise-producing TIMKEN imported bearing system as much as possible. The inside of this noise reduction cover is made of glass fiber or polyurethane foam, the inner surface is a steel plate with a thickness of 0.6-lmm, and the surface is evenly distributed with φ1.2-1.5mm small through holes. The total area of ​​the small holes accounts for about the entire inner surface. 25%-30%, the outer surface is a steel plate with a thickness of 2mm.


Here, glass fiber or foam is used to eliminate higher frequency noise, the inner surface with small holes is used to eliminate lower frequency noise, and the thick steel plate on the outer surface is used to isolate the noise from outside.

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(3) The method of changing the speed of the corresponding part of the host


The noise of rolling TIMKEN imported bearings is not very sensitive to the load, but very sensitive to the speed. When conditions permit, the method of reducing the speed and increasing the torque can achieve the same working purpose, but it reduces the noise.


In order to reduce the noise of the oil pump system, the original oil pump with a flow rate of 10L/min at a motor speed of 1430r/min was changed to a motor with a speed of 710r/min and a larger oil pump to obtain the same flow rate. The noise of itself, the oil pump TIMKEN imported bearing and the oil pump motor TIMKEN imported bearing have been significantly reduced, but the space occupied by the entire mechanism has been expanded and the cost has also increased.