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Factors Affecting The Failure Of FAG Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-09-08

     There are many reasons for the failure of FAG bearings. All influencing factors of the design and manufacturing process are related to the failure of the bearing, which is not easy to judge by analysis. In general, it can be considered and analyzed from two aspects: use factors and internal factors.

     The use factor mainly refers to whether the installation adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements. The installation condition is one of the primary factors in the use factors. The bearing is often caused by improper installation and the stress state between the parts of the whole set of bearings changes. FAG bearings run in abnormal conditions and fail early. According to the technical requirements of bearing installation, use, maintenance, and maintenance, monitor and inspect the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation. If an abnormality is found, immediately find the cause and make adjustments to make it Back to normal. In addition, it is also very important to analyze and inspect the quality of the grease and the surrounding medium and atmosphere. Eric Bearing Limited provide high-quality FAG Bearing 7307B.TVP. Click here to contact us if you are interested.in it.

     The internal factors mainly refer to the three major factors that determine the quality of FAG bearings, such as structural design, manufacturing technology and material quality.

     First of all, with reasonable structural design and advanced nature, long bearing life will be achieved. The manufacture of FAG bearings generally involves multiple processing procedures such as forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly. The rationality, advancement and stability of each processing technology will also affect the life of the bearing. Among them, the heat treatment and grinding processes that affect the quality of the finished bearing are often more directly related to the failure of the bearing. In recent years, studies on the deteriorating layer of the bearing working surface show that the grinding process is closely related to the bearing surface quality.

     The metallurgical quality of FAG bearing materials used to be the main factor affecting the early failure of rolling bearings. With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel, etc.), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of raw material quality factors in bearing failure analysis has dropped significantly, but it is still one of the main factors affecting bearing failure. The proper selection of materials is still a factor that must be considered in bearing failure analysis.

     The main task of FAG bearing failure analysis is to find out the main factors causing bearing failure based on a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure modes, so as to propose improvement measures to extend the service life of the bearing and avoid sudden occurrence of the bearing. Early failure of sex.

(1) Select FAG bearing model with high load capacity

   FAG bearing type selection should take into account the price of the bearing, or use higher load capacity but more expensive bearings, or use ordinary bearings and try to extend its life. Use FAG bearings with high load capacity, such as cylindrical roller bearings with convexity, spherical roller bearings with symmetrical rollers, reinforced tapered roller bearings and ball bearings, ball bearings with modified ball groove bus, or use The 70000CD series of FAG bearings replace deep groove (single-row radial) ball bearings. These bearings with high load capacity may have a higher fatigue life due to improved stress distribution or due to the larger number of rolling elements.

(2) Choose the appropriate FAG bearing size

   In order to select the appropriate size of the FAG bearing, the working load, speed and operating temperature of the bearing must be accurately calculated or actually checked. Load has the greatest impact on the life of FAG bearings, so although the load is the most difficult to measure, it must be measured as accurately as possible. When the load measurement is difficult, the actual power consumption of the motor can be measured, calculated according to the transmission route and deducted along the power loss, until the calculation is closer to the actual FAG bearing load. The calculated or measured load is too large, and the expected fatigue life of the bearing will inevitably be reduced by a greater extent, and it must be remedied. If the mounting position allows, FAG bearings with a larger size can be selected; if the radial size is limited, wider bearings should be selected when there are wider bearings; if wider bearings cannot be used, load bearing can be used instead FAG bearings with higher capacity.

(3) Choose the right FAG bearing material

  The price of FAG bearing materials should also be taken into consideration, and when vacuum smelting or electroslag remelting steel has to be used, it is necessary to improve the lubrication conditions in order to double the expected fatigue life of the bearing. Of course, the cost of choosing IKO bearings made of this kind of high-quality steel is much more expensive than choosing bearings with higher load capacity, but for bearings that are difficult to access in machines and extremely difficult to assemble and disassemble, or bearings used in operating machinery in mines and tunnels In occasions where maintenance is extremely difficult, sometimes it must be considered.