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Correct Use Of FAG Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-10-23

1. Selection of shaft and bearing and tolerance of control room

Press-in bearings FAG bearings should have no blocks and flexible rotation direction. If the rotation is significantly inflexible, the size of the shaft is too large, and the tolerance drops. As the tolerance of the shaft is obviously "sandy" after turning the shaft by hand, the FAG bearing may be too poor or the roundness of the shaft. Therefore, a good shaft and bearing central control room should also be controlled within the roundness tolerance. Tolerance control is only for many domestic manufacturers without roundness control.


2. FAG bearing assembly method

Because FAG bearings are precision products, such as improperly assembled channels, it is easy to cause damage to FAG bearings. When assembling FAG bearings, there should be a special mold, which can not hit people. The pressure when entering the shaft can only be a small circle. When the circle, only the force is cycled. The assembly requires pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to be installed on the upper and lower molds in a horizontal state. If the INA bearing channel is inclined, it will cause damage to the power and cause the bearing to cause the FAG bearing.


3. Prevention of assembly foreign matter

When installed in the rotor dynamic balance, it is easy to generate iron chips into the FAG bearing to dynamically balance the FAG bearing, so it is best to balance the FAG bearing before loading. There are also some manufacturers in order to facilitate the assembly, the internal coating with some oil or grease lubrication, but the operator bearing assembly is often difficult to control the amount, if the oil or grease in the large indoor FAG bearings, FAG bearings accumulated along the axis When, it is easy to enter the FAG bearing to rotate. Japan is the best room FAG bearings, oiled or greased, such as non-coated bearings, there must be no accumulation in the control room.


4. Anti-rust paint

The characteristic of paint rust is that multiple motors sound good in a sealed assembly type motor, but after a period of time in the warehouse, the motor becomes very abnormal sound, except for the severe rust of the FAG bearing. Many manufacturers will be regarded as the former FAG bearing problem. Through our continuous publicity, we have now realized that the main electrical factory is the problem of insulating paint. The main problem is that the insulating varnish volatile acid is formed at a certain temperature, humidity, and corrosive substances, leading to corrosion damage in the INA bearing channel. The only problem now is to choose a good varnish and assemble the air after drying for a period of time.
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Similarly, the cleanliness of the bearing has a great influence on the performance of the bearing.

1. Impact on the life of FAG imported bearings

     The cleanliness of FAG imported bearings has a considerable impact on bearing life. FAG imported bearings have conducted special tests for this, and the result is that the difference is several times or even dozens of times. The higher the cleanliness of FAG imported bearings, the longer the lifespan and other tests show that: different cleanliness lubricants have a great impact on the life of ball FAG imported bearings. Therefore, improving the cleanliness of lubricating oil can extend the life of FAG imported bearings. In addition, if the lubricating oil contains dirt particles below 10um, the life of the bearing will also increase several times.


2. Impact on vibration and noise

    (1) Impact on vibration The test results of the NTN Imported Bearing Test Center show that cleanliness seriously affects the vibration level of the bearing, especially the vibration in the high frequency band. FAG imported bearings with high cleanliness have low vibration speed values, especially in high frequency bands.

    (2) Influence on noise The test has been done on the influence of dust in FAG imported bearing grease on noise, and it is proved that the more dust, the greater the noise.


3. Impact on lubrication performance

     The decrease in the cleanliness of imported FAG bearings not only affects the formation of the lubricating oil film, but also causes the deterioration of the grease and accelerates its aging, thereby affecting the lubricating performance of the grease.


FAG bearing use factors mainly refer to whether the installation adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the technical requirements. According to the technical requirements of FAG imported bearing installation, use, maintenance and maintenance, the load, speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of the bearing in operation are monitored and inspected. If an abnormality is found, the cause will be immediately found and adjusted. Bring it back to normal. Installation conditions are one of the most important factors in the use of factors. FAG imported bearings are often due to improper installation, resulting in changes in the stress state between the parts of the entire set of bearings. FAG imported bearings run under abnormal conditions and end their service life early. The internal factors mainly refer to the three major factors that determine the quality of FAG imported bearings, such as structural design, manufacturing technology and material quality.


1) FAG imported bearing design parameters: including the number of bearing rolling elements, ring wall thickness and clearance, etc.


2) Manufacturing errors of FAG imported bearing parts: including the surface roughness, cross pattern and roundness difference of FAG imported bearing raceways and rolling elements. A large number of experimental studies have shown that the influence of waviness on bearing vibration is dominant, while the influence of surface roughness and roundness is relatively small.


3) Working conditions of FAG imported bearings: During the operation of the bearing, load, speed and lubrication conditions have the greatest impact on the vibration of FAG imported bearings.


4) FAG imported bearing installation parameters: factors such as the fit between the bearing and the shaft and the bearing seat, and the deviation during installation also affect the vibration of the FAG imported bearing.