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Attention Points Of NSK Brand Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-08-10

NSK, as a well-known brand in the world's bearing industry, is naturally very advanced in terms of technology and quality, but NSK bearings also have a lot of things to pay attention to when using them, so that it can maximize its benefits.


1.Selection and control of the tolerance of shaft and NSK bearing room: NSK bearing should rotate flexibly without blocking after being pressed into NSK bearing. If the rotation is obviously inflexible, it means that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance should be adjusted downward. If the NSK bearing is pressed into the shaft and rotates by hand, there is a clear sense of rustle, it may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, when controlling the tolerance of the shaft and the NSK bearing room, the roundness should also be controlled. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance, and do not control the roundness.


2.NSK bearing assembly method: Because NSK bearing is a high-precision product, it is easy to damage the NSK bearing channel if improperly assembled, resulting in damage to the NSK bearing. When assembling, NSK bearings should have a special mold, which can not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only a small circle can be used to force, when a large ring is pressed, only a large ring can be used. Air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required during assembly, and the upper and lower molds should be outside the horizontal state during press-fitting. If tilted, the NSK bearing channel will be damaged due to the force, and the NSK bearing will be induced.

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3. Prevention of assembling foreign objects: When the NSK bearing is mounted on the rotor for dynamic balancing, it is easy for the iron filings generated during the dynamic balancing to enter the NSK bearing. For ease of assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease to the NSK bearing room for lubrication, but it is often difficult for the operator to control the amount.If oil or grease accumulates in the NSK bearing room, the NSK bearing When turning, it is easy to enter the NSK bearing along the shaft. It is best not to apply oil or grease to the NSK bearing room. If it is not necessary, it must be controlled. There must not be any accumulation in the NSK bearing room.


4. The prevention of paint rust: The characteristic of paint rust is that it is frequently used in sealed motors. The motor sounds very well during assembly, but after being placed in the warehouse for some time, the abnormal noise of the motor becomes very large. Remove the NSK bearing There is severe rust. Many manufacturers used to think it was a problem with NSK bearings. After our continuous promotion, motor manufacturers have realized that it is mainly a problem with insulating paint. This problem is mainly due to the formation of corrosive substances by the acidic substance volatilized from the insulating paint under certain temperature and humidity, which leads to the damage of the NSK bearing after corrosion of the NSK bearing channel. At present, the problem can only be to choose good insulating paint and assemble it after drying for a period of time.


I believe you have read this article and have a deeper understanding of the use of NSK bearings. If you have any bearing requirements, please feel free to contact us.