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SKF Bearing Oil Film Lubrication

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-08-09

In the daily use and maintenance of bearings, the lubrication management of oil film SKF bearing oil is very important and cannot be ignored. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction. More than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to lubrication technology management. Improve lubrication management, prevent SKF bearings, gears and other frictional moving parts from being scratched or sintered, prevent and reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, prevent equipment accidents, and improve equipment production efficiency; save energy, increase energy efficiency, increase Economic benefit is the main task of lubrication management.


1. Lubrication management is a professional technical management. Full-time lubrication technical management personnel should be established to establish a lubrication management system and provide training on lubrication technology knowledge.


2. Under the premise of reasonable oil tank capacity, maintain a reasonable oil level of the oil tank, often add lubricating oil to the oil tank, so that the oil in the oil tank is always at a reasonable operating oil level, degas the oil, deposit machine impurities, separate water It is beneficial to reduce the oil temperature in the tank.


3. Timing and positioning of the oil samples in the transportation + line, from the oil smell, color, viscosity change, water content, water separation performance, pollutant type and content, anti-foaming performance and other tests. When the water content in the oil entering the lubrication point exceeds 0.1%, the mechanical wear increases sharply; the lubrication condition when it exceeds 0.5% will be very dangerous. Make test records.


4. Analyze and compare each test record, predict and predict the poor lubrication state, and formulate improvement or prevention measures. The alarm and interlock of the system's oil level, oil quality, oil temperature, and oil pressure control must be safe and reliable to prevent the occurrence of lubrication accidents.

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The specific steps of replacing the oil seal when the oil seal at the SKF bearing of the steel wheel walking is leaked are as follows:


1. Loosen the four fixing bolts of the vibration motor and remove the vibration motor (no need to remove the rubber hose on the motor);


2. Loosen the seven fixing bolts on the motor base and remove the motor base;


3. Loosen the eight fixing bolts on the support plate and the walking bearing seat and the bolts connecting the support plate and the front frame, and remove the support plate together with the shock absorber and bracket;


4. Loosen the eight fixing bolts on the SKF bearing baffle and remove the baffle;


5. Look for a shim plate with a diameter smaller than the inner ring of the SKF bearing, and place it on the shaft head of the outer bearing seat;


6. Remove the left end cover, and lay the reverse side on the backing plate, looking for seven M12 × 70 bolts to fasten the left end cover and walking bearing housing;


7. Tighten the seven bolts in the figure sequentially in a diagonal order to pull out the walking bearing housing and the SKF bearing together. After turning the walking bearing housing flat, you can change the model to φ180 × 220 × 18 Skeleton oil seal.


When installing, pay attention to the disassembly order of each part and install in reverse order. It is necessary to smear more grease on the skeleton oil seal, the drive bearing seat and the outer bearing seat, so as not to damage the oil seal during press-fitting, resulting in another oil leakage failure.

This is the specific steps about oil film lubrication replacement introduced to you today.I hope to help you a bit.If you have any questions, please visit our website.