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the new techniques and bearing steel development direction i

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2012-03-08

Bearing steel is mainly used to produce of rolling bearings of rolling body and rings. Since the bearing should have long life, high precision, low heat, high-speed, high rigidity, low noise, high wear resistance characteristic, therefore, ask bearing steel should have: high hardness, even hardness and high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength, toughness, certain to its quench-hardening ability in the atmosphere, the corrosion resistance of lubricant.
In order to achieve the above performance requirements, on the bearing steel of chemical composition of uniformity and non-metallic inclusions content and type, carbide grain size and distribution, such as decarburization strict. Bearing steel in general to high quality, high performance and the direction of development. Bearing steel according to the characteristics and application environment is divided into: high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel, stainless bearing steel and special bearing material.
To adapt to the high temperature, high speed, high load, corrosion resistance, resistance to radiation requirements, need develops a series of with special performance of the new type of bearing steel.