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Introduction of INA-aligning ball bearings and needle roller

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2012-02-22

INA Bearing brand is Schaeffler in Germany, INA bearings has been excellent work by the user's favorite, today to introduce two types of INA bearings, INA bearings for the majority of users want to have a deeply understanding.

1, INA Self-aligning ball bearings
    INA Self-aligning ball bearings for heavy load and impact load to bear, precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, metallurgy, rolling mill, mining, petroleum, paper, cement, sugar and other industries, and general machinery.

2, INA Bearing Needle Roller Bearings

     Combined needle roller bearings by the bearing and thrust bearing components combined unit, and its compact structure, small size, high precision rotation, can withstand high radial load at the same time bear certain axial load. And product structure forms, wide adaptability, easy to install. Combined needle roller bearings are widely used in machine tools, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery and printing machinery and other machinery and equipment, and mechanical system design enables very compact smart.
     With thin and long needle bearing roller (roller diameter length of 3 to 10 times the diameter of generally not more than 5 mm), so the radial structure is compact, its diameter size and load bearing capacity and other types of the same, minimum diameter, especially for radial bearing installation dimensions restricted results needle bearing according to use of different occasions, can be used without an inner ring of the bearing or needle roller and cage assembly, this time to match the journal and bearing surfaces and shell holes as bearing directly on the surface, the outer rolling surface, in order to ensure load capacity and running performance with a ring bearing the same shaft or housing bore raceway surface hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality should be the bearing rings.