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Use Method Of TIMKEN Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-09-17

     1. Size limitation. Generally, the space in which TIMKEN bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or TIMKEN bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical design or other design constraints. Therefore, the choice of TIMKEN bearing type and size is determined by the inner diameter of TIMKEN bearing. Therefore, the main size tables of TIMKEN bearings are compiled according to the international standard inner diameter size.

     There are many sizes of standard TIMKEN bearings. It is best to use standard TIMKEN bearings in the design of mechanical devices. Some non-standard TIMKEN bearings are not available in mainland China, and sometimes the futures will be long. Therefore, when selecting TIMKEN bearings, consider the time cost and later replacement. Cost) TIMKEN bearing load, the load imposed on TIMKEN bearing, its nature, size, direction is changeable. Generally, the rated basic load is shown on the dimension table. But axial load and radial load, etc. are also important factors in choosing a suitable TIMKEN bearing. When the size of the ball and needle roller bearing is commensurate, the needle roller bearing usually has a higher load capacity and can withstand greater vibration and shock loads.


     2. Rotation speed, the permitted speed is determined according to factors such as TIMKEN bearing type, size, accuracy, cage type, load, lubrication method, and cooling method. The TIMKEN bearing table lists the permitted speeds of TIMKEN bearings with standard precision under oil lubrication and grease lubrication. Generally, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high-speed operation.


     3. TIMKEN bearing tolerance, TIMKEN bearing dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy are based on ISO and JIS standards. For machinery requiring high precision and high-speed operation, it is recommended to use TIMKEN bearings with accuracy of grade 5 or above. Deep groove ball bearings, radial thrust ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for machinery with high operating accuracy. Rigidity. When the contact surface of the TIMKEN bearing's elastic body and raceway is compressed, it will produce elastic deformation. Some machines need to minimize elastic deformation. Roller bearings produce smaller elastic deformations than ball bearings.


     4. In some cases, TIMKEN bearings need to be preloaded to increase rigidity. This program is usually used for deep groove ball TIMKEN bearings, radial thrust ball bearings and tapered roller bearings inner and outer ring offset, shaft bending, shaft or TIMKEN bearing housing tolerance changes, matching errors will cause the inner and outer ring eccentricity. In order to prevent the eccentric angle from being too large, self-aligning ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, or self-aligning bearing seats are better choices. Voice frequency and torque, dynamic TIMKEN bearings are manufactured according to high-precision standards, so the voice and torque are small. Deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are used together for occasions that have special requirements for low noise and low torque.


     5. Installation and disassembly, some applications require frequent disassembly and installation to ensure that the inspection and maintenance can be carried out according to the location. TIMKEN bearings whose inner and outer rings can be installed separately, such as cylindrical bearings, needle roller bearings, and tapered bearings are very suitable for this occasion. The tapered hole type self-aligning ball bearing and self-aligning roller bearing also simplify the installation procedure with the help of the sleeve. Eric Bearing Limited provides TIMKEN Bearing 30313 J2/Q, contact us to buy it.


     After the installation is completed, the temperature of the TIMKEN bearing needs to be checked for a period of time. Generally, the temperature of the outer surface of the bearing can be inferred. If the oil hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring, it is more appropriate.


     Generally, the temperature of TIMKEN bearing starts to rise slowly with the operation of the bearing, and reaches a stable state after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of TIMKEN bearing varies with the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication and installation parts are proper, the bearing temperature will rise sharply and abnormally high temperature will occur. At this time, the operation must be stopped and necessary precautions must be taken. The use of thermal sensors can monitor the working temperature of TIMKEN bearings at any time, and automatically alarm or stop when the temperature exceeds the specified value to prevent combustion shaft accidents.


     High temperature often indicates that TIMKEN bearings have been in abnormal conditions. High temperature is also harmful to the lubricant of TIMKEN bearings. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the lubricant of the bearing. Long-term continuous rotation of bearings at temperatures exceeding 125°C will reduce bearing life. Causes of high temperature bearings include: insufficient or excessive lubrication, lubricants. Containing impurities, excessive load, bearing ring damage, insufficient clearance, and high friction caused by oil seals, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor the bearing temperature, whether it is measuring the bearing itself or other important parts. If the operating conditions remain unchanged, any temperature change can indicate that a malfunction has occurred.


     TIMKEN bearing temperature can be measured regularly with the help of a thermometer, such as a TIMKEN bearing digital thermometer, which can accurately measure the bearing temperature and display it in units of °C or Fahrenheit. The important TIMKEN bearing means that when it is damaged, it will cause the shutdown of the equipment, so it is best to install a temperature detector for this type of bearing. Under normal circumstances, TIMKEN bearings will have a natural temperature rise just after lubrication or relubrication and last for one or two days.