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Typical construction of SKF Rolling bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-12-01

    During the bearing working,due to poor lubrication, improper assembly, foreign matter or moisture intrusion, and so may overload or corrosion which as premature bearing damage according to the basic knowledge of bearing.Even if without the above, the operation for some time, the SKF bearings  may also not work well because of wear and fatigue spalling, the form of rolling bearing damage is very complex in engineering applications.

The Two reasons and the form of damage as follows:

l) Wear failure: Wear is the most common type among failure modes in rolling bearing.As mixed lubrication causes the surface quality of mechanical wear and tear,meanwhile,in poor working conditions, many impurities mixed in the lubricating oil into the bearing ,it will generate abrasive wearthe in the raceway and rolling elements. Cage, rolling elements, raceways, install the bearing housing bore or journal,which will appear jagged scratches in the raceway and rolling elements. The presence on abrasive wear of bearing failure is an important reason.

 2) Fatigue failure: Fatigue exhibiting bearing failure when the rolling elements or raceway surface peeling or flaking.It is another failure mode of rolling bearings. Began to form irregular pits on the surface, and then gradually formed film.Rolling at work, due to the smaller contact area about inner and outer rings and rolling, so large contact stress.