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SKF Angular contact ball bearing type of structural deformat

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-11-25

     SKF angular contact ball bearings can be characterized by both radial and axial load of the joint load, limiting both the axis of axial displacement.Compared with two-way thrust ball bearings, which bearing high speed limit, the contact angle of 32 degrees, rigid, and can withstand the overturning moment large, widely used in cars in the front wheels (some models also use the same size the double row tapered roller bearings).Double row angular contact ball bearing structural deformation, there are four: A Type: 90mm outside diameter less than or equal to the standard bearing design. No ball gap, it can withstand the equivalent of two-way axial load. The use of lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 cage, the bearing temperature rise is very small.Type A: 90mm diameter greater than the standard bearing design. Gap ball on one side, with z steel stamping cage or brass cage entity.E-type: an enhanced structure, the side with filling the gap, you can install more of the ball, so the higher carrying capacity.

    Both sides with a dust cover on both sides with a ring-type and type, A-type design and E-type design of double row angular contact ball bearings can be on both sides with a dust cover (non-contact) or seals (contact). Sealed bearings are filled with rust internal lithium grease, operating temperature is generally -30 degrees to 110 degrees. No further lubrication during use, installation is no longer heated. Double row angular contact ball bearing installation should pay attention, although two-way bearings can withstand axial load, but if the gap side of the ball when installed, should be careful not to let the main axial load through the gutter side of the gap.