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SKF Bearing Quality Testing Standards

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-05-17

First, if the structural design is reasonable and advanced, it will have a longer life of SKF imported bearings. The manufacture of bearings generally involves multiple processing procedures such as forging, heat treatment, turning, grinding and assembly. The rationality, advancement and stability of each processing technology will also affect the life of the bearing. Among them, the heat treatment and grinding processes that affect the quality of the finished bearing are often more directly related to the failure of the bearing. In recent years, studies on the deteriorating layer of the bearing working surface have shown that the grinding process is closely related to the bearing surface quality.


Second, the metallurgical quality of bearing materials used to be the main factor affecting the early failure of rolling bearings. With the progress of metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel, etc.), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The proportion of raw material quality factors in the failure analysis of SKF imported bearings has been significantly reduced, but it is still one of the main factors affecting bearing failure.


Third, the proper selection of materials is still a factor that must be considered in bearing failure analysis. The main task of bearing failure analysis is to find out the main factors that cause the failure of SKF imported bearings based on a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure modes, so as to propose improvement measures to prolong the service life of the bearing and avoid the occurrence of bearing accidents. Early failure.


The installation condition is one of the primary factors in the use factors. Bearings often change due to improper installation, resulting in changes in the stress state between the various parts of the complete set of bearings. The bearing runs in an abnormal state and fails prematurely.

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1. The size, direction and nature of the load: ball bearings are suitable for light loads, and roller bearings are suitable for heavy loads and impact loads. When the rolling bearing is subjected to pure axial load, the thrust bearing is generally selected; when the rolling bearing is subjected to pure radial load, the deep groove ball bearing or short cylindrical roller bearing is generally selected; when the rolling bearing is subjected to pure radial load, there is little When the axial load is high, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings and self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearings can be selected; when the axial load is large, the angular contact with larger contact angle can be selected Ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, or a combination of radial bearings and thrust bearings, are particularly suitable for extremely high axial loads or special requirements for greater axial rigidity.


2. Allowable speed: There are great differences due to different types of imported bearings. Generally, bearings with low friction and low heat generation are suitable for high speeds. During the design, the rolling bearing should work under the condition of lower than its limit speed.


3. Rigidity: When the bearing is under load, elastic deformation will occur at the contact between the bearing ring and the rolling element. The amount of deformation is proportional to the load, and the ratio determines the rigidity of the bearing. Generally, the rigidity of the bearing can be improved by the pre-tightening of the bearing; in addition, in the bearing support design, considering the combination and arrangement of SKF imported bearings can also improve the support rigidity of the bearing.


4. Alignment performance and installation error: After the bearing is installed in the working position, the installation and positioning are often poor due to manufacturing errors. At this time, due to the deflection and thermal expansion of the shaft, the bearing is subjected to excessive load, causing early damage. The self-aligning bearing can overcome the defects caused by the installation error by itself, so it is a bearing suitable for this kind of purpose.


5. Installation and disassembly: tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, etc., belong to the type of SKF imported bearings with separable inner and outer rings (so-called separate bearings), which are easy to install and disassemble.