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Reducer Bearing Standard Installation?

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-07-28
The reducer is a kind of rotating equipment, and the bearing plays a very important role in the rotation of the equipment. Therefore, the installation and detection of the bearing are very important when the reducer is in use.
In the process of use, some common problems of reducer bearings are also the problem of everyone's relationship.
First, standard installation of reducer bearings (new bearing installation standard) :
1, the new bearing should be calibrated model, surface inspection, radial clearance measurement should meet the requirements, and after cleaning with kerosene, heated to 80~100℃ with mechanical oil, and kept at this temperature for 30 minutes.
2. Install the bearing (the model should be facing the outside) and beat the inner ring with the copper rod, close to the shoulder of the shaft, without clearance and shall not be loosened.
After the bearing is cooled, the rotating shaft bearing should be rotated flexibly by hand, and the cage should work normally and rotate smoothly without collision sound.
When assembling, pay close attention to the assembly sequence of each part to avoid assembling wrong or forgetting.
3, the limit value of the temperature of the rotary bearing: the rotary rolling bearing is 80℃, the sliding bearing is 65℃. The rolling bearing of the motor is 100℃. The sliding bearing is 80℃.

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Second, reducer and bearing maintenance steps:
(1) Prepare the lifting tools required, remove the oil and water pipes, and seal them in time.
(2) Remove the bonding surface screws and end cover screws of the reducer, take out the stabilizing pin, and place it properly after cleaning.
(3) Measure and record the clearance of each part before repair.
(4) Hoist the upper cover, hoist out the gear, and put it in the designated place.
(5) Clean and check the bearing and gear with kerosene, measure the bearing clearance, and check the wear of the gear and bearing cage.
(6) Release the tank memory oil and clean it.
(7) When replacing the bearing, use a special pickpocket. When it is difficult to uninstall, the bearing inner ring can be heated by pouring hot oil at 120℃. Acetylene flame heating is strictly prohibited.
(8) Measure the size of journal and new bearing inner ring, measure clearance and record.
(9) The bearing is mounted on the journal with oil heating and the elastic retainer is mounted at the same time.
(10) Retest bearing clearance and record it.
(11) Do hydraulic test on the cooling water drain inside the reducer and check the wear condition.
(12) The hoisting gear is in place, and the large gear is moved to make the gears engage normally and the center is aligned.
(13) Hoist the cover of the reducer, measure the top clearance of the bearing, measure the axial clearance of each part, and adjust it appropriately.
(14) Apply sealant to the joint surface, put on the positioning pin, and tighten the flange screw of the joint surface.
(15) Assemble the end cover and adjust the cushion.
(16) Connect the oil and water pipelines and valves.
(17) Gear box alignment.