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Precautions When Using SKF Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-01-11

1. Tolerance selection and control of shaft and SKF bearing room

    After the SKF bearing is pressed into the bearing, it should rotate flexibly without a sense of blocking. If there is obvious inflexible rotation, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance needs to be lowered. If the imported bearing is pressed into the shaft and turned by hand, there is an obvious sense of "sand", it may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, the roundness should also be controlled when the tolerance of the shaft and the bearing chamber is controlled.


2. The assembly method of SKF bearings

    Because SKF bearings are high-precision products, improper assembly can easily damage the bearing raceway and cause bearing damage. When assembling the bearing, there should be a special mold, which can not be knocked at will. When pressing into the shaft, only the small circle can receive force, and the large circle can only receive force. Air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required for assembly, and the upper and lower molds should be outside the horizontal state during press-fitting. If there is an inclination, the SKF bearing channel will be damaged due to force and the bearing will cause noise.


3. Prevention of assembly foreign matter

    When SKF bearings are installed on the rotor for dynamic balancing, it is easy for the iron filings generated during dynamic balancing to enter the inside of the bearing. Therefore, it is best to perform dynamic balancing before installing NSK imported bearings. For the convenience of assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease to the bearing chamber for lubrication effect during assembly. However, it is often difficult for operators to control the amount. If a large amount of oil or grease accumulates in the bearing chamber, it will be very It is easy to enter the inside of the bearing along the shaft. It is best not to coat the bearing room with oil or grease.


4. Prevention of paint rust

    The characteristic of lacquer rust is that it mostly occurs in sealed motors. The sound of the motor is very good during assembly, but after some time in the warehouse, the abnormal noise of the motor becomes very large, and the SKF bearing is severely rusted when it is removed. In the past, many manufacturers thought it was a bearing problem. After our constant publicity, now the motor factory has realized that it is mainly an insulating paint problem. This problem is mainly because the acidic substance volatilized from the insulating paint forms corrosive substances under a certain temperature and humidity, which causes the SKF bearing to be damaged after corrosion of the bearing groove. At present, the problem can only be to choose a good insulating paint and ventilate for a period of time after drying and then assemble.

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The life of SKF imported bearings is closely related to manufacturing, assembly, and use. Every link must be done well in order to keep the bearings in the best operating state and extend the life of SKF bearings.


1. Feel the quality of SKF bearings through the surface

    In the process of SKF bearings, many customers said that as long as the bearing surface is bright, the quality is good. This is wrong. The brightness of the imported bearing surface should be a black color. The reason for this black color is whether the steel used in the bearing meets the standard, its grinding process and the cutting fluid used, among which the first two are the main ones.


2. Whether the chamfer is bright

    The chamfer of SKF bearing does not determine the quality of the bearing, but it reflects the processing method of SKF bearing. The chamfer is black, which means that the hardness of the bearing is increased after quenching and other heat treatment. Some people think that the black chamfer is not good because it is not processed completely. This is a misunderstanding.


3. One-piece cage is better than two-body. Although the new technology uses one-piece cage, it only saves materials, and its performance against rotation is worse than two-body.

    Generally speaking, the service life of SKF imported bearings is related to three factors, one is the quality of the bearing itself. The second is the use environment. The third is the installation method.