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Key Points And Inspection Of FAG Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-12-21

  1. FAG bearing radial load

      The bearings that mainly bear the radial load are radial bearings. The nominal contact angle of this type of bearing a0<=450. Roller bearings of the same size can withstand greater radial loads than ball bearings.

  N-type and NU-type cylindrical roller bearings can only bear radial load, and other types of radial bearings can bear radial load as well as axial load.


  2. Axial load of FAG bearing

  The bearing that mainly bears the axial load is generally a thrust bearing, and its nominal contact corner a0>450. Thrust bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings can withstand axial forces in one or two directions at the same time depending on the structure. When the bearing force is particularly high, thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust spherical roller bearings are preferred.

   Thrust spherical roller bearings and one-way thrust angular contact ball bearings can simultaneously bear axial load and radial load, other thrust bearings can only bear axial load.


  3. Length compensation of FAG bearing itself

  The structure of supporting a shaft and bearing is usually a combination of fixed bearing and moving bearing. The floating bearing compensates for shaft length errors and thermal expansion.

   NU-type and N-type cylindrical roller bearings are ideal floating bearings, and these bearings can compensate for length by themselves. The inner and outer rings of the bearing can be tightly fitted.


  4. Length compensation of sliding fit

   Non-separable bearings (such as deep groove ball bearings and spherical roller bearings) can also be used as floating bearings. One of the two rings of this type of bearing is fitted with no axial fixing surface. Therefore, a ring of FAG bearing can move on its supporting surface.


  5. Separable bearing (precision)

   This is a bearing whose rings can be installed separately, and its advantages are very prominent when both rings are tightly fitted.

   separable bearings include four-point contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings with double half inner rings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, thrust cylindrical roller bearings and thrust spherical roller bearings.
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The preparation of FAG bearing subroutine inspection completes the following six steps


  1. Rotate the outer ring, and carefully rinse the cage, the junction of the rolling elements and the raceway, it is necessary to thoroughly clean any previously hidden parts of the oil residue. FAG bearings should be rinsed and dry cleaned after being attached. The clean inner lining and neutral sheet support dry, or slow in the far infrared drying box. Since the dry-cleaning friend is drying or drying, the whole process should not put FAG bearing rings, stick to any frame or rolling element. FAG bearing oil can be removed from the oil sealed package before delivery for testing in practice and immersed in acid-free 3% kerosene or gasoline for cleaning.


  2. On request, check for dripped lubricant and immediate delivery, dried or dried FAG bearings. At this time, there is no oil film to protect the outer surface of the bearing. The inspector is not allowed to directly touch the skin during the entire process. The operator should wear clean gloves and paint with rust, but must avoid mixing FAG bearings with rust inhibitors. The appearance of the hands, otherwise there will be deviations in the measurement results.


  3. It should be delivered or rusty stocks are handled immediately, and the FAG bearing should be inspected after the entire inspection process is completed. The time is too long to avoid corrosion. Pay attention to the use of clean and oil-free pure gasoline, which can also cause corrosion.


  4. If the FAG bearing is dry or dry, the outer surface without FAG bearing oil film protection should be checked for dripping lubricant and delivered immediately. At this time, during the entire inspection process, no manpower directly touching the skin is allowed, and the operator should wear clean The gloves, hand-painted with rust, but must avoid mixing hands in the rolling surface of the FAG bearing with rust inhibitor, otherwise it will deviate the measurement results.


   5. FAG bearing inspection is completed immediately after delivery or during the rust inventory process. During the entire inspection process, try not to continue for too long to cause corrosion. Pay attention to the use of clean and oil-free pure gasoline, which can also cause corrosion.