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FAG Bearing Ring Positioning Method

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2022-05-16

1. Positioning of FAG bearing inner ring

   When installing the bearing inner ring on the shaft, the shaft shoulder is generally fixed on one side of the bearing position, and the other side is fixed with a nut, a stop washer or a spring retaining ring. The size of the contact part of the shaft shoulder and the axial fixed part and the inner ring of the bearing can be determined according to the installation dimensions of various bearings listed in the bearing size table.

   (1) Nut positioning

   In the case of a high bearing speed and a large axial load, the end surface of the nut contacting the inner ring of the bearing should be perpendicular to the rotation center line of the shaft. Otherwise, even tightening the nut will destroy the installation position of the bearing and the normal working state of the bearing, reducing the bearing rotation accuracy and service life. Especially when the fit between the inner bore of the bearing and the shaft is loose fit, strict control is needed.

   In order to prevent the nut from loosening during rotation, appropriate technical measures to prevent loosening need to be taken. Use the nut and stop washer to position, place the key teeth of the stop washer into the key groove of the shaft, and then bend one of the teeth on the outer ring into the cut of the nut.

   (2) Spring ring positioning

   When the bearing is not subject to axial load, the speed is not high, the shaft is short and it is difficult to process the thread on the journal, a flexible ring with a rectangular cross-section can be used for positioning. This method is convenient for loading and unloading, occupies a small position, and is simple to manufacture.

   (3) Positioning of thrust washer

   When the shaft journal is short, it is difficult to process the thread on the journal, the bearing speed is high, and the axial load is large, the washer can be used for positioning. That is, the washer is used to locate more than two screws on the shaft end surface. Stop washer or wire is screwed to prevent loosening.

   (4) Adapter sleeve positioning

   Spherical roller bearings with low bearing speeds and stable radial loads and small axial loads can be installed on the optical axis by means of tapered adapter sleeves. Adapter sleeves are positioned with nuts and stop washers. Use the friction of the nut to lock the sleeve to position the bearing.

   (5) Bearing location with tapered inner hole

   Bearings with tapered bores are installed on the tapered shaft. The axial load must be used to tighten the shaft and the bearing. Therefore, pay attention to the directionality of the tapered bores during installation. If the bearing is located at the end of the shaft and is allowed to be processed into a thread at the end of the shaft, it can be directly positioned with a nut.

   If the bearing is not installed on the shaft end, and the shaft is not allowed to be processed into threads. In this case, you can use the combined thread halves of the two halves to snap into the groove of the shaft, and then use the nut to locate the bearing.

   (6) Special positioning

   In some special cases, when the size of the shoulder and rounded corner of the shaft cannot be determined according to the installation dimensions listed in this catalog, the transition gasket can be used as the axial support.
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   2. Positioning of bearing outer ring

   When the outer ring of the bearing is installed in the hole of the housing, the inner side of the hole of the housing body generally has the position of the shoulder to fix the bearing, and the other side is positioned with an end cover, a thread ring, and an elastic ring for the hole.

   (1) End cover positioning

   End cover positioning is used for all types of radial bearings and angular contact bearings. It is used when the bearing speed is high and the axial load is large. The end cover is positioned and pressed against the bearing outer ring with screws, and the end cover can also be made into a labyrinth seal.

   (2) Thread ring positioning

   The bearing has a high speed and a large axial load. When it is not suitable for positioning with an end cover, a radial ring can be used to locate the radial bearing and thrust bearing. At this time, it can be used to adjust the axial clearance of the bearing.

   (3) Elastic ring positioning

   This positioning method occupies a small axial position, is easy to install and disassemble, and is simple to manufacture, and is suitable for bearing a small axial load. An adjustment ring is added between the bearing and the spring to facilitate adjustment of the axial position.

   (4) A deep groove ball bearing with a stop groove on the outer ring of the bearing can be positioned with a stop ring.

   This type is used when the stop shoulder cannot be machined in the hole of the housing due to the limitation of conditions, or the component must be reduced in outline size.

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