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Correct Use Of SKF Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-09-02

     With the birth and development of the rolling bearing industry, SKF bearing products have been fully certified for the application of machine tool matching bearings, and have always played a very important role.


     SKF imported bearings are single-row angular contact ball bearings with high precision. SKF has the world's most mature and comprehensive product range of high-precision bearings for machine tool spindles, representing the highest level of technology.


     The application of SKF imported bearings in machine tool matching bearings. The choice of spindle bearing can meet the requirements of most specific applications.


     SKF bearing material selection, surface quality and lubricant feed have the following advantages:

     •High precision

     •Excellent high speed performance

     •High stiffness

     •Good seismic performance.
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1. Disassembly and assembly of SKF bearings

     SKF bearings should be cleaned before installation. When installing, use special tools to press in the auxiliary bearing straight and evenly. Do not strike with a hammer. It is especially forbidden to strike directly on the bearing. When the bearing seat ring and the seat hole fit loose, the seat hole should be repaired or the KOYO bearing should be replaced. Do not use the method of pitting or pad copper on the bearing mating surface. When disassembling the bearing, use a suitable puller to pull out the SKF bearing. Do not knock the SKF bearing with a chisel or hand hammer.


2. Lubrication of SKF bearings

     Commonly used lubricants for rolling bearings are lubricating oil and grease. When the peripheral speed of the shaft is less than 4-5m/s, or the parts on the car that cannot be lubricated with lubricating oil, grease lubrication is used. The advantage of grease lubrication is that the sealing structure is simple, the grease is not easy to lose, and it is not affected by temperature. It can be used for a longer time with one grease.


     Two problems should be paid attention to when using lubricating grease. One is to select the appropriate brand of lubricating grease according to the requirements of the car manual. For example, it is not suitable to use nano-based grease for automotive water pump bearings because of its poor water resistance. The second is to add a proper amount of grease to the SKF bearing. Generally, it is only suitable to fill 1/2-l/3 of the SKF bearing cavity. Too much is not only useless, but also increases the running resistance of the bearing and makes it heat up. Special attention should be paid to automobile wheel bearings. "Empty hub lubrication" should be promoted, that is, only an appropriate layer of grease can be applied to SKF bearings. Otherwise, it will not only waste and poor heat dissipation, but also cause the grease to be heated and overflow, which may Affect braking performance.


     The advantages of lubricating oil are low frictional resistance and heat dissipation. It is mainly used for high-speed and high-temperature SKF bearings. The brand of lubricating oil should be selected according to the requirements of the car manual, and replaced in time after the car maintenance cycle. After the old oil is discharged, the mechanism should be cleaned before adding new oil. The fuel should be added to the specified line or flush with the fuel filler. (It depends on the specific structure and requirements of the car), no more.Need SKF Bearing 32040 X, click here to contact us for more details.


     The specific method of judging whether the SKF bearing should be repaired, that is, the specific method of judging whether the SKF bearing has been fully utilized and the near damage occurs is as follows:


1) Use SKF bearing working condition monitoring instrument

     It is the most convenient and reliable method to use such as ferrograph or SPM or I-ID-1 bearing working condition monitoring instrument to judge the working condition of SKF bearing and decide when the bearing should be reported for repair.

     For example, when the HD-1 instrument is used, when the pointer approaches the danger zone from the warning zone, but the pointer does not return after taking measures such as improved lubrication, it can be determined that the bearing itself is a problem. At this time, you can take advantage of the danger zone. At that time, report KOYO bearings for repair. Exactly how far away from the dangerous zone is to report for repair can be adjusted by experience.

     With such an instrument, it is safe and economical to make full use of the working potential of the bearing, report SKF bearings for repair in time, and avoid failures.


2) Use simple tools to monitor

     In situations where the above instruments are not available, the operator can hold tools such as rods or wrenches against the part of the machine housing closest to the bearing, and put the ear on the tool to listen to the SKF bearing running sound from the tool. Of course, use a medical stethoscope to modify it. can.

     Normal SKF bearing running sound should be uniform, smooth and not harsh, while abnormal SKF bearing running sound has a variety of intermittent, impact or harsh sounds. First, you must get used to the normal SKF bearing running sound, and then you can grasp and judge the abnormal bearing running sound, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, you can further analyze what kind of abnormal sound corresponds to what kind of SKF bearing abnormality phenomenon. There are many types of abnormal sound from the bearing, which are difficult to describe, mainly relying on accumulated experience.


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