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Common Faults and Causes of INA Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-05-25

Common error:

Peeling damage state

When the bearing rotates under load, the raceway surfaces or rolling body surfaces of the inner and outer rings exhibit scaly peeling due to rolling fatigue.

the reason:

The load is too large.

Poor installation (non-linearity), moment load, foreign body intrusion, water ingress.

Poor lubrication, improper lubricants Improper bearing clearance.

The bearing box has poor precision and the rigidity of the bearing box is uneven. The shaft deflection is large

Development caused by rust, erosion points, scratches and indentations (surface deformation phenomena).


Check the size of the load and the bearing used in the research

Improve installation methods, improve sealing devices, and prevent rust during shutdown.

Use lubricants of appropriate viscosity to improve lubrication methods.

Check the accuracy of the shaft and bearing housing.

Check play.

Card injury damage state

The seizures are surface damages caused by a combination of minute burns on the sliding surface.

Linear scratches on the slide surface and rolling surface in the circumferential direction.

Cycloidal scar on the end of the roller.

Seizure of the collar surface close to the end surface of the roller.

the reason:

Excessive load, excessive preload.

Poor lubrication.

Foreign bodies bite in.

The inclination of the inner ring and outer ring, the deflection of the shaft.

The precision of the shaft and bearing box is poor.


Check the size of the load.

Pre-pressure should be appropriate.

Improve lubricants and lubrication methods.

Check the accuracy of bearings, shafts and bearing boxes.

Scratch Damage state

The so-called scratches are surface damages that occur on the raceway surface and rolling surface as a result of the rolling of the rolling and the minor burns caused by thermal cracking of the oil film; rough surface damage with adhesion occurs.

the reason:

High speed and light load.

Quick acceleration and deceleration.

The lubricant is inappropriate.

Water intrusion, improper preload.


Improve bearing clearance.

Use lubricants with good oil film properties.

Improve the lubrication method.

Improve sealing device, improve preload

Fracture damage state

The so-called rupture refers to a small part of the rupture due to the impact or excessive load applied to the rib of the bearing ring or the local part of the rolling element; there is a significant part of the detachment or overall crack.

the reason:

Take a hit during installation.

The instant load is too large.

Poor use such as drop.


Improve the installation method (use hot fitting, use appropriate tools).

Correct the load conditions.

The bearing is installed in place so that the rib is supported.
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Fault reason edit

1: Failure of INA bearings

Severe damage to INA bearings is often not caused by a single cause, but under the combined effect of several aspects, a vicious cycle has occurred under harsh operating conditions, resulting in serious burnout of the bearings. Therefore, after an accident, it is often difficult to judge whether it is What is the reason, it has brought us some difficulties in formulating relevant measures. For the convenience of discussion, we first analyze the causes of bearing failure from several aspects.

2: Abnormal wear of INA bearings

When the INA bearing is used for a period of time, the bearing inner ring, rolling element, cage, outer ring, raceway, etc. will have certain defects and scars, resulting in poor lubrication of the bearing, causing heating of the bearing, and long-term heating will cause: 1. Dilution of bearing lubricant. 2. Accelerate the fatigue of the material and decrease the hardness. Due to the above reasons, a vicious circle is further formed, which accelerates overheating and burns the bearings. Severe displacement of the inner ring of the bearing, the rolling elements are out of round, the collision generates heat, and finally they are welded together. Therefore, when running on the line, if the bearing is found to be severely heated and smoke, do not stop, but keep running to the front station, because the overheated bearing is in a molten state at this moment, once the parking is cooled down, you can no longer walk, blocking the front line.

3: Impact of installation on bearings

The interference clearance between the inner ring of the INA imported bearing and the shaft does not match, and it is also easy to cause bearing failure. If the interference is large, it is easy to cause the inner ring of the bearing to crack due to excessive tensile stress. The interference is too small. It is easy to cause "relaxation" of the bearing inner ring. Improper fit of bearing assembly and clearance can easily lead to bearing failure. Small clearance can easily cause frictional heating of rollers and raceways. As the temperature continues to rise, the bearing inner ring, rolling elements, cage, outer ring, and end cover The temperature is not the same, there is a temperature difference between each other, so the amount of expansion is also slightly different, which also causes a further reduction in the fit gap, plus heat generation from the bearing. If the gap is too large, the vibration of the roller will increase, which will aggravate the impact of the roller and the raceway. At the same time, the internal load will be unevenly distributed, the bearing roller will be reduced, and the central roller will be overloaded.
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