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Application of THK Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-06-10


THK shock-free system for residential use

Combined with product technology that supports the THK brand.

THK's shock-free devices use core products led by linear motion guides. THK's shock-proof device, which combines THK's reputation, performance, originality and technical expertise, contains THK's unquestionable confidence.

— Linear motion guide CLB

The linear motion guide CLB is a vibration-free device that uses steel balls to circulate inside the LM block while running on the rolling groove of the LM rail, thereby achieving ultra-high load and ultra-low friction. In addition, the use of the LM block and LM guide can also support the load of pushing and pulling forces.

— Viscous vibration damping device RDT

Use viscous shear to absorb seismic energy transmitted to the building. The viscous vibration damping device RDT converts the linear movement of the ball screw shaft into a rotary motion, and then uses a structure in which a viscous substance is injected between the inner cylinder connected to the thread mother and the fixed outer cylinder to obtain shear resistance.

— Recovery device

Buildings equipped with earthquake-free systems can move 360° horizontally relative to the foundation during an earthquake. Therefore, when the earthquake stops, a device is needed to return the building to its original position, and a recovery device (laminated rubber, etc.) designed by this is required.

Prevent shaking caused by earthquakes

— THK seismic table

When the actual earthquake occurs, even if the building is not damaged, the people inside may be injured in the second accident. Valuable property inside may fall and be destroyed. In order to prevent such damage, the idea of ​​"not being shaken" by indoor objects is crucial. THK has made full use of the knowledge and experience gained in the earthquake-free technology of the house to realize the earthquake-proof measures for indoor objects.
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Use in life:

The world today needs convenience, safety and reliability. Household appliances are also constantly changing. In the kitchen, THK's technology is a manifestation of this development.

Integral kitchen system

A kitchen built to your height.

In UD (Universal Design) kitchens, our LM rails can be seen under the sink, and our linear bushings and LM axis technology can be seen in the lifts of hanging cabinets. In the past, the height-adjustable sink's lifting part often suffered from various stresses and pressures, which caused it to be bumpy, unstable and unsafe.

However, due to the use of our SSR type LM guide, this kind of problem no longer exists in this UD overall kitchen system. Based on the prediction of various forces that may be applied to the moving parts of the kitchen, we selected these highly rigid LM guides to ensure smooth movement and a high degree of safety.

In the society we live in, the age gap between family members is increasing, so this UD kitchen will be widely used.

Medical and nursing

With the aging of society, the demand for wheelchairs that can be used as a means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people is increasing. THK's products also play an irreplaceable role in this regard.

Wheelchair with electric lifting arm

Support a barrier-free society where everyone can live comfortably

In recent years, ramps for wheelchair access have been provided as standard equipment in commercial buildings and facilities. However, if the height difference of these ramps is small and the relative length of the ramps is large, it may cause inconvenience to the nursing staff.

Since this wheelchair has four retractable booms in addition to the wheels, it can be used to go directly up the stairs. For the boom part, THK's ball screw BTK type and slideway FBL type are used.

The smooth and quiet sliding device allows the elderly and disabled people to use our wheelchair without any worries, and the ability to go directly up the stairs can reduce the burden on nursing staff.


At the 1985 Tsukuba Expo in Japan, the HSST (High Speed ​​Water and Land Transportation) system attracted the attention of many visitors. This system began to be developed in 1974 and was first exhibited at the fair. Since then, the HSST system was officially introduced to the market at the 1989 Yokohama Expo (YES). THK's products are an important part of the next-generation transportation system (such as the system in this example).
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Maglev train

Sharp turn at high speed.

At the 2005 Aichi Expo in Japan, linear motor locomotives (or "maglev trains") attracted the attention of many people. Its principle is to allow current to pass through the magnets installed on the train body to generate attraction and lift the train from the track, thereby eliminating the friction between the rail and the wheel and making the train travel faster.

If the hoist and drive modules are completely fixed to the cars, the train will not be able to turn, because the rear of each car will prevent the lateral movement of the front car. To solve this problem, five modules are installed on each car of the train. When the train turns, they will slide to the left or right, so that the train can make a sharp turn at high speed. Our LM guides are used in the sliding mechanism of these modules, so that they can move very smoothly and quietly.


THK's products are also used in the entertainment field to attract and please customers.

Racing Games Hall

Strong real movement and stimulation

Modern video games are more immersive than ever before, and many players can feel the real experience of participating in racing and racing. More and more games are equipped with a driver's seat and cockpit, which can tilt and move according to the actions on the screen.

For example, racing game consoles can make players feel as if they are actually driving a car. Both the driver and the car will tilt or rotate left and right as the driver drives. The rotating machines used are THK's LM guides, ball screws and connecting balls. THK's products are compact and rigid, can withstand a lot of power, and can produce smooth movements, so it can give players a real driving experience.
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