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Reducer Bearing Standard Installation?

The reducer is a kind of rotating equipment, and the bearing plays a very important role in the rotation of the equipment. Therefore, the installation and detection of the bearing are very important when the reducer is in use. In the process of use, some common problems of reducer bearings are also the problem of everyones relat...

Relationship Between Bearing Fit And Load Type

1. Basis for choosing cooperation According to the load acting on the agents bearing relative to the rotation of the ferrule, there are three types of loads borne by the ferrule: partial load, cyclic load, and swing load. Generally, cyclic load (rotating load) and swing load adopt tight fit; except for special requirements in us...

Why cylindrical roller bearings only bear radial loads?

Cylindrical roller bearings are generally only used to bear radial loads. Only single-row bearings with ribs on the inner and outer rings can bear smaller directional axial loads or larger gap axial loads. What is bearing load? Bearing load is the load received by the bearing during use, including lateral load and longitudinal l...

Rolling Bearing Assembly Method

The assembly of rolling bearings should be determined according to the structure, size and mating nature of bearing components. General assembly methods of rolling bearings include hammer method, compression method, hot loading method and cold shrinking method, etc. 1, the preparation work before the assembly of rolling bearings...

Analysis of Seal Structure of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearings have a variety of sealing structures. According to the different sealing materials, they are mainly divided into two types: rubber sealing ring and dust cover (standard iron cover): according to different seals, they can be divided into contact sealing and non-contacting. seal. For sealed deep groove ba...

Application of Deep Groove Ball Bearing Seal Structure

At present, deep groove ball bearings used in motorcycles, home appliances motors and luxury ceiling fans industries usually design different sealing structures according to the mounting position or working conditions of the bearing. For example, the single-sided sealed motorcycle engine case bearing is lubricated by splash lubr...

Treatment Of Abnormal Bearing Temperature

1. Background introduction The gas turbine power plant adopts the STAG-109FA-SS single-shaft combined cycle unit, which is composed of a PG9351FA gas turbine, a two-cylinder dual-flow steam turbine with a D10 three-pressure reheat system, a 390H hydrogen-cooled generator, and a triple-pressure reheat but with a condenser The nat...

Factors Of Needle Bearing Wear

In the transmission, the role of the needle bearing is to support the floating gear on the shaft. Among them, the outer diameter of the shaft is equivalent to the inner raceway of the needle roller bearing, and the inner hole of the gear is equivalent to the outer raceway of the needle roller bearing. The inner and outer raceway...

Method Of Measuring Ball Bearing Load

1. The principle of the indirect measurement method of axial load In the process of aero-engine design, according to the calculation method of the axial force of the engine rotor, the axial force of the rotor can be divided into two parts: the axial force of the disc cavity and the axial force of the runner. , The axial force of...