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Attention Points Of NSK Brand Bearings

NSK, as a well-known brand in the worlds bearing industry, is naturally very advanced in terms of technology and quality, but NSK bearings also have a lot of things to pay attention to when using them, so that it can maximize its benefits. 1.Selection and control of the tolerance of shaft and NSK bearing room: NSK bearing should...

SKF Bearing Oil Film Lubrication

In the daily use and maintenance of bearings, the lubrication management of oil film SKF bearing oil is very important and cannot be ignored. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction. More than half of the main causes of mechanical failure or early wear are related to lubrication technology management. Improve lubrication ...

How To Choose Suitable NSK Bearings

The types of NSK Bearings are very widely used, mainly in machinery to support and reduce friction, so the accuracy and noise of NSK bearings are directly related to the use and life of the machinery. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some matters when buying NSK bearings. 1. Selection of NSK bearing model: The NSK bearing ...

Installation Steps of SKF Split Bearings

Split bearings refer to parts designed and produced on the basis of integral bearings through a special process. Split bearings are suitable for many fields, such as: large-scale conveying equipment, co-cast roll supports, elevators and conveyors, paper machinery and other industrial fields. Installation is also very important f...

SKF's Bearings Go Digital

SKFs external analysis in brief Demand for bearings is falling due to electrification in general within industrial production, (e.g. the automotive sector, where it is estimated that there are 70% fewer bearings in an electric car). New digital sales channels are changing the market logic. SKF already sells bearings through Amaz...

Eight Factors For FAG Bearing Heating

There are many reasons that cause the FAG bearing temperature to be too high. ERIC BEARING LTD has sorted out several common problems for everyone. 1. Poor lubrication Lubrication has an important impact on the service life of the bearing and friction, wear, vibration, etc. Good lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the...

The Purpose And Direction Of Rolling Bearing Preload

First, what is bearing preloading? The pre-tightening of rolling bearings refers to the initial pressure and pre-deformation generated between the rolling body of the bearing and the inner and outer rings during the installation of the bearing, so as to keep the inner and outer rings of the bearing in the state of compaction and...

Assembly Method Of Rolling Bearings

The assembly of rolling bearings should be determined according to the structure, size and mating nature of bearing components. General assembly methods of rolling bearings include hammer method, compression method, hot loading method and cold shrinking method, etc. 1, the preparation work before the assembly of rolling bearings...

Common Problems And Faults Of Reducer Bearings

1. Why do bearings have thrust clearance and expansion clearance? A) Metal materials have the properties of thermal expansion and cold contraction. When the shaft is operated at different temperature conditions, the length and diameter of the shaft will also change. Therefore, in order to ensure the formation of pressure oil fil...