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The application of SKF Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-11-18

       Deep groove ball bearings (Deep Groove Ball Bearings) is bearing the most common type. Basic model consists of a deep groove ball bearing outer ring, an inner ring, a ball and a set to keep structure as deep groove ball bearing type code of 6.SKF deep groove ball bearings of the basic types of open, double-sided or double-sided with a ring-type with dust cover, in a production needs, with sealed bearings in the outer ring can be opened on the dust cover mounted ring or groove slot can also be supplied as open typebearings.

     SKF deep groove ball bearings are widely used is the most representative of the rolling bearing, and versatile.For high speed or high speed operation, and is very durable, without regular maintenance. SKF deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, extreme high speed, simple structure, low cost, easy to achieve high manufacturing precision. Range of diverse size and form, used in precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery industries, the machinery industry, the most widely used class of bearings. The main radial load, but also can withstand a certain amount of axial load.