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Supplement code of INA Bearing

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-09-23

     Edit this paragraph to add code INA Bearings Add code in the post-code is used to illustrate the bearing of some special structure, then placed in the bearing code.INA bearing commonly used to add code as follows: in the size of the table used to add code to add a description of these codes apply to the current standard bearings, and bearing a part of code (see dimensions table), they can not be used for other bearings. A, B, C, E-no clear meaning of these symbols, as needed, to indicate that certain design features. D-split needle roller and cage assembly bearing P-PP-side bearings with sealing rings on both sides with one side bearing seal ring with RS-2RS-bearing ring seals on both sides with plastic cage TN-V-sealed bearings X-line with international standards and changing dimensions of the bearings and accessories, this additional code is only used during the transition period. When the general structure of a spherical roller faces, X is also represented as a cylindrical roller bearing rolling surface and curve roller. Z-bearing side of the 2Z-bearings with dust cover with dust cover on both sides of ZW-needle roller and cage assembly, double row - the first part of 1,2,3,4 reference "INA sample of 307 -Needle Roller Bearings assistance roller bearings "- part 5 content refer to" the latest domestic and international code-bearing control manual. "