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SKF Thrust Sliding Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-06-26

1. Brief introduction of SKF thrust sliding bearing (thrust bearing)


SKF thrust plain bearings are axial bearings (along or parallel to the axis of rotation) that support axial bearings. In addition to supporting the shaft for rotational movement, they can also prevent parts from moving in the axial direction. The structure is: single metal and bimetal, bimetal thrust bearing or composite metal thrust bearing.


2. Thrust sliding bearing type


There are three main types, namely: collar thrust bearings, vertical thrust bearings (face sliding bearings) and hydrostatic bearings.


1) SKF sleeve thrust bearing


The collar of the sleeve thrust bearing can be made integral with the shaft, or it can be manufactured separately and then tightly mounted on the shaft. Push can generally be divided into two types:


Single ring: can bear axial load in both directions;


Multi-ring: can bear high speed and heavy load axial thrust in both directions, the bearing should be used with automatic lubrication device.


2) SKF vertical thrust bearing (face sliding bearing)


Vertical thrust bearings are usually installed at the shaft end to support the vertical shaft, as shown in Figure a below. In order to make the bearing easy to calibrate and replace the worn parts, some flat or spherical gaskets are often placed at the bottom of the shaft end


3) SKF hydrostatic bearing


The hydrostatic bearing uses a hydraulic pump to inject oil into the bearing and the journal to form a thin film to reduce friction, and generates a static pressure on the shaft end to resist the axial load. If the air is used as a lubricant to enter the bearing and the journal, it is called an air bearing.

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3. Thrust sliding bearing structure diagram


The structure of thrust sliding bearing is mainly composed of bearing seat and thrust journal. According to the different structure of SKF thrust sliding bearing, it is mainly divided into two categories: one is fixed thrust bearing, and the other is tiltable fan thrust bearing.


1) Fixed thrust bearing


There are four common types of fixed thrust bearings: solid, hollow, single-ring and multi-ring.


Note: Most of the machines adopt hollow type and multi-ring type, which can bear two-way axial load.


①Solid type: the pressure distribution on the support surface is extremely uneven, the pressure at the center is the largest, and the linear velocity is 0, which is very unfavorable for lubrication, resulting in extremely uneven wear on the support surface and less use.


②Hollow type: The pressure distribution on the supporting surface is more uniform, and the lubrication conditions have been improved.


③Single ring type: using the thrust of the end face of the collar, the structure is simple, the lubrication is convenient, and it is widely used in low speed and light load occasions.


④Multi-ring type: The characteristics are the same as single-ring type, which can bear larger load than single-ring type, and can also bear bidirectional shaft and direction load. Due to the uneven load distribution between the rings, the bearing capacity per unit area is 50% lower than that of the single ring type.


2) Tilting fan thrust bearing


A thrust surface is made on the cross section of the shaft, the shaft shoulder or the mounting disk, and there are several fan-shaped blocks with wedge angles on the annular surface of the thrust. The number is generally 6-12 fan-shaped blocks, supported on a spherical surface or a cylinder, the fan-shaped blocks are steel backs, and the sliding surface is covered with bearing pad material.

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4. Thrust sliding bearing products and uses


Thrust sliding bearings are basic parts of general machinery. They are widely used in various rotating machines and have a wide range. Their usage is measured in billions. Typical products are:


1) Standard or non-standard single and double-sided thrust bearing rings with copper alloy anti-friction layer, whole ring, half ring, ring pieces, etc.;


2) Large diameter thrust bearing ring for forging press industry, heavy and mining machine tools, high horsepower diesel engines, diameter up to 450mm;


3) The parts with extra thick backing have floating bearing sleeves for low and medium pressure gear shaft oil pumps;


4) Concavo-convex semicircular and special-shaped parts include: thrust bearing pads in diesel engines, rotating shoes in automobile air-conditioning compressors, oval side plates in medium and high-pressure gear oil pumps, and figure-eight floating side plates.


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