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Radiator Fan NSK Bearing Classification

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-04-14

    In mechanical engineering, there are many types of NSK bearings, but there are only three types of NSK bearings used in radiator products according to their basic working principles: sleeve bearings using sliding friction and ball bearings using rolling friction And the two bearing types mix these three.In recent years, major radiator manufacturers have introduced new technologies in bearings, such as magnetic bearings, fluid protection system bearings, hydraulic bearings, Laifu bearings, and nano-ceramic bearings. These basic bearing forms have also been improved. , The basic working principle remains unchanged.



1. Oil bearing


    It is a sleeve bearing that uses sliding friction and uses lubricating oil as a lubricant and drag reducer. During the initial use, it has low operating noise and low manufacturing cost. However, this type of NSK bearing is seriously worn and has a long life span compared with ball bearings. Moreover, this kind of bearing has been used for a long time. Due to the oil seal (it is impossible to use high-grade oil seals in computer radiator products, usually ordinary paper oil seals), the lubricating oil will gradually volatilize, and dust will enter the bearing, causing the fan Problems such as slower speed and increased noise can cause severe vibration due to eccentricity of the fan caused by bearing wear. When these phenomena occur, either open the oil seal and refuel, or just eliminate and purchase a new fan.



2. Single ball bearing


    It is an improvement of the traditional NSK oil-impregnated bearing. It adopts the form of mixing sliding friction and rolling friction. In fact, it uses a ball bearing with an oil-impregnated bearing to reduce the cost of the double ball bearing. Its rotor and stator are lubricated with balls. , And matched with lubricating oil. It overcomes the short-lived and unstable operation of oil-bearing bearings, while the cost increase is extremely limited. Single ball bearings absorb the advantages of oil-impregnated bearings and double ball bearings, and increase the service life of the bearing to 40,000 hours. The disadvantage is that after the balls are added, the operating noise is increased, but it is still less than that of double ball bearings.

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3. Double ball bearing


    It is a relatively high-end NSK bearing that adopts the form of rolling friction and uses two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls in the bearing around the axis. When the fan or the axis rotates, the steel balls will follow. Because they are all spheres, the friction is small and there is no problem of oil leakage. The advantage of double ball bearing is its long service life, which is about 50000-100000 hours;


    Good anti-aging performance, suitable for fans with higher speed. The disadvantage of double ball bearings is the high manufacturing cost and the highest noise at the same speed level. Double ball air bearings and hydraulic bearings have better sealing properties, especially double ball bearings. The double ball bearing is completely embedded in the fan, and the rotating part is not in direct contact with the outside world. In a sealed environment, the working environment of the bearing is relatively stable. Therefore, almost all large-diameter fans at 5000 rpm use double ball bearings. The hydraulic bearing has a unique return oil circuit, so the possibility of lubricating oil leakage is small.