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Maintenance of NSK Bearings should start from the installati

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-12-27

    NSK Bearings for vibrating motor replacement, when the effect is reflected in the different, and must use the same model with the original bearings, but the effect in this regard has also been a better meaning, and only in this respect reflect better results.

Vibration motor replaced with new bearings, you must use the same model with the original bearings.

 1. bearing with kerosene washed, pressed into the bearing, the bearing outer ring of the roller at the Shell filling Three to two-thirds full of lithium grease, wash their hands coated with a uniform, mounted on the bearing gland, bolts coated with additional bolt locking rubber compression bearing gland

 2. bearing the coat within the detachable cylindrical roller bearings, the bearing should be set on the shaft and place

 3. the bearing mounted on the chassis, if grease injection hole, must be aligned position. Add coated with adhesive fastening bolt locking bolt clamping bearing

 4. inside and outside the eccentric shaft and mounted in place by a shaft key into the keyway shaft key should be installed within the outer eccentric, mounted on the shaft with a ring on the shaft

 5. Fasten the eccentric fastening bolt, turn the adjustable eccentric, so that it reaches the point of removing the front position and tighten the fastening bolts. After completion of the above assembly, the shaft should be a dynamic axial string

 6.On the shield at both ends of the vibration motor with screws.

 NSK Bearings forms for the vibration motor mounting and other aspects of performance results are certain to change, but from a different point of view there is a degree of change in the form of the effect of slowly for all aspects of the installation has a certain understanding.