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Knowledge Of Self-aligning Ball Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-07-21

    1. What is self-aligning ball bearing?


    The self-aligning ball bearing is in the middle of the outer side of the raceway surface of the inner hole box of the two dovetail guide rails, and is equipped with spherical steel balls. The diameter of the heart-adjusting function bearing and the nominal diameter of the bearing seat are curved surfaces, and each has an active heart-adjusting function, which can compensate for the non-overlapping of the center line caused by the equipment deviation and the deformation of the bottom edge of the equipment.


    2. Two structures of self-aligning ball bearings


    1) Cylinder hole


    ①Because it contains multi-row bearing steel balls and curved raceways on the outside, self-aligning ball bearings can be actively aligned.


    ②It can accept the error and leakage of the focus point between the shaft and the bearing seat, which is suitable for simply displaying the working condition of the shaft's tensile strain and the pivot skew caused by the different center.


    ③ Friction is the least among all flip bearings.


    ④Even under the condition of high-speed rotation, there is still only a small temperature.

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    2) Cone hole


    ①The tapered hole self-aligning ball bearing has the characteristics of the cylindrical hole self-aligning ball bearing.


    ②Because of the adjustable backlash of the bearing, this type of bearing is mostly used in the parts of the double support plate shaft with large bumps under the actual effect of the load and its two bearing holes can not guarantee the strict same boat.


    ③The key is used to accept axial load, but also a very small amount of radial load.


    ④ Generally, pure radial load cannot be accepted. The practicality of this type of bearing is second only to groove ball bearings.


    ⑤The limit speed is the same as that of the standard concave groove ball bearing, but its load-bearing capacity can be higher than that of the concave groove ball bearing.


    3. Features of self-aligning ball bearings


    1) The outer dovetail guide rail is curved and has automatic temperament adjustment.


    Even if the inner hole, the bearing steel ball and the ball bearing are relatively inclined to the outside (but the relative slope of the outside and the outside cannot exceed 3 degrees), they can also be rotated; therefore, the bearing is a regulating center and will not be affected by the relative axis of the bearing box. Harm of misalignment


    2) It can bear a large axial load, and can also bear a certain radial load.


    The load can be large. Because the internal structure of the outer curve ball bearing is the same as that of the 6200 and 6300 series groove ball bearings, the IB seated outer curve ball bearing can not only accommodate the axial load, but also can accommodate a large radial load. The working noise of the bearing is small.

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    3) Application of long life.


   Application Long-life outer curved ball bearings with seat are generally used in extreme natural working environments such as soil, dust, humidity and high temperature. The smooth grease inside the bearing will grow in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out grease injection to the outer curved ball bearing with a seat within an appropriate time interval to start from the beginning, and replace the grown-up grease with fresh grease. IB cast iron outer curved ball bearings all contain fuel injectors, which can be smooth and clean from the beginning to ensure the ultimate function and long application life in all natural working environments.


    4) Good sealing effect.


   Excellent sealing performance. Both sides of the outer curved ball bearing contain high temperature resistant, oil resistant silicone sealing ring and thick steel plate sealing cover to form sealing performance. The sealing cover is installed on the diameter of the inner hole of the bearing to rotate together with the inner hole, which can reasonably prevent external dirt from entering the bearing, and can resist the external working pressure to maintain the bearing. The sealing performance of this type of sealing ring and sealing cover is hindered Soil, floating dust, and water entering the bearing can prevent the exposure of the smooth grease inside the bearing. The bearing can be used in the extreme working environment even in the extreme working environment.


    5) Usually cannot accept pure axial load.


    Suitable for those bearings that can cause considerable shaft deflection or misalignment, such as fine appearance, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles, woodworking machinery, transmission shafts of textile machinery, mining machinery, electromechanical equipment, plastic machinery , Work equipment, medical equipment, fitness and sports equipment and general machinery.

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