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How To Clean The Bearing

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-02-15

The advantages of rolling bearings


1. Low starting friction and low dynamic friction


The difference between starting friction and dynamic friction is small, and the friction coefficient is small, so the drive device can be miniaturized, so that the machine body can also be miniaturized and lightened, reducing the cost of the machine and saving power costs


2. It can maintain stable accuracy for a long time

Due to low friction, stable accuracy can be maintained for a long time


3. Improve the reliability of machinery

Because the service life can be predicted based on rolling fatigue, the reliability of the machine is improved


4.The lubrication structure can be simplified


In most cases, only grease lubrication can fully guarantee its work, so the lubrication structure can be simplified and maintenance is simple.


In order to prevent dust and corrosion during transportation or storage, bearing products are coated with anti-rust oil on the bearing surface when they are shipped.


In order to prevent poor bearing lubrication due to the incompatibility between lubricating oil or grease and anti-rust oil, it is recommended that the bearing be carefully cleaned after opening the package. If possible, the operator can wear disposable plastic Gloves, do not touch the bearing directly with your hands.   SKF 22356 CCK/W33 bearings online , pls click here : 


1. Bearings generally use kerosene or gasoline as cleaning fluid.


2. Separate the washing tank into rough washing and fine washing, and put a metal mesh on the bottom of the tank to prevent the bearing from directly contacting the dirt in the washing tank.


3. In the rough washing tank, try to avoid rotating the bearing, use a brush to roughly remove the dirt attached to the bearing surface, and then put it in the fine washing tank.


4. In the fine washing tank, gently move the bearing to clean it. The cleaning oil in the fine washing tank must always be kept clean.


5. After cleaning, degrease, if it is grease lubrication, perform the process of filling grease. If it is oil-air lubrication, try to install it on the main shaft without the bearing rotating. (At this time, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil on the surface and inside of the bearing, the effect is better.)