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FAG bearings complete installation tools

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-09-16

    We through the installation and removal of bearing, the study found the bearing failure situation in the early 16% was due to improper installation, about 90% of the rolling bearing from the equipment they are never come down on, usually only larger bearings will for the preventive maintenance program and is scheduled to come down. Therefore, we may safely draw the conclusion that bearing should use the right tools carefully install and remove. According to the bearing type, size and applications to choose appropriate methods and tools.

 Bearing the installation should follow the following basic principles:
1. Do not put in the rolling body on installation force, it's very easy to lead to scroll body and contractor contact local overloading, leading to premature failure of the bearing.
2. Don't use any hard tools (such as the hammer and screwdriver, etc) in the bearing surface directly knock, it will lead to a bearing the fracture or chip ring.
3. Keep highly praised installation equipment suppliers guidance.

   For large installation (for example in the production facility of) speaking, usually to strict control condition installation, still can use the right bearing installed equipment. And install a bearing the same, remove the bearing were also careful preparation, remove the process, to ensure that the adjacent parts such as axis and no damage in the collar.Out of the bearing installation and remove the awareness of the importance of prompted us to the world's leading manufacturer of rolling bearing research and development of high quality installation and maintenance product attention. The following content that is the world's leading brand of rolling bearing manufacturer Timken and FAG installation and maintenance of the part of the product introduction.
FAG bearings installation and maintenance