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FAG bearing anti-rust material management

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-01-18

    The clearance between FAG imported bearings and shaft must be appropriate to make the life of FAG imported bearings longer. The following methods can be used to detect the radial clearance of FAG imported bearings:


1. Ruler detection method

    For imported FAG bearings with larger diameters, the clearance is larger, and it is planned to use a narrower feeler gauge for direct detection. For FAG imported bearings with smaller diameters, the clearance is small, which is convenient for measuring with feeler gauges, but the backlash of FAG imported bearings must be measured with feeler gauges of appropriate thickness.


2. Lead pressure detection method

    It is more accurate to detect the clearance of FAG imported bearings with lead pressing method than with feeler gauge, but it is more troublesome. The aluminum wire used for testing should be soft and moderate in diameter. It should not be too large or too small. The ideal diameter is 1.5 to 2 times the gap. In actual work, soft lead wire is usually used for testing.


    When testing, first open the FAG imported bearing cover, select the appropriate diameter lead wire, cut it into 15~40mm long pieces, put it on the journal and the upper and lower FAG imported bearing interface, and cover the FAG imported bearing cover. Tighten the fixing bolts according to the specified torque, then loosen the bolts, remove the FAG imported bearing cap, use a micrometer to detect the thickness of the flattened lead wire, and find the average value of the top clearance of the FAG imported bearing. If the top clearance is too small, pads can be added on the joint surface of the upper and lower tiles. If it is too large, reduce the pad, scrape or re-pouring the tiles.


    Adjustment of bearing bush tightening force: In order to prevent the possible rotation and axial movement of the bearing bush in the working process, in addition to matching the interference and stop parts, the bearing bush must also be pressed tightly with FAG imported bearing caps, measurement methods and head clearance The method is the same, except for measuring the thickness of the soft lead wire, the bearing bush tightness can be calculated.


    Generally, the bearing pressure is 0.02~0.04 mm. If the pressing force does not meet the standard, it can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the gasket at the joint surface of the FAG imported bearing and the bearing seat.
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NU 406 M1.


    In addition to ensuring radial clearance, sliding bearings should also ensure axial clearance. When detecting the axial clearance, move the shaft to an extreme position, and then use a feeler gauge or dial indicator to measure the amount of movement of the shaft from one extreme position to the other extreme position, that is, the axial clearance. When the clearance of the sliding bearing does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted. The split FAG imported bearings often use gaskets to adjust the radial clearance.


    Cooling water mainly plays multiple roles in the processing of FAG imported bearings, such as cooling, lubrication, cleaning, and rust prevention. Its correct use and maintenance directly affect the surface quality of processed parts and the service life of tools. The cooling water used can be roughly divided into three types: soda water, emulsified liquid and synthetic grinding fluid. Basically, the tank liquid of more than 50 tons is used in a large cycle. The washed grinding product grinding wheel powder, iron filings and oil are easy Cause the cooling water to decay and deteriorate, causing burns and rust of the processed parts. Strengthening the scientific management of cooling water can improve its performance, ensure product quality, and reduce the cost of cooling water. 


    In order to ensure that the anti-rust process can be implemented conscientiously, the technical department has formulated specific assessment rules according to the process requirements. FAG imports bearings and converts the component values ​​to assess the production plant. The first-level anti-rust management personnel conduct monthly process discipline inspections on the production plant, manage the cooling water, anti-rust liquid, cleaning fluid, anti-rust oil, and the rust rate, cleanliness and oil packaging of the finished FAG imported bearings. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the management level of the rust preventers and the detection conditions of the monitoring items, evaluate and score, and send the evaluation results to the production plant. Establish a rust prevention management network from top to bottom, so that rust prevention has a good management foundation.


    The quality of anti-rust materials directly affects the quality of product processing. Therefore, when selecting anti-rust materials, first perform physical and chemical performance testing according to the quality requirements, and then conduct pilot tests after passing the requirements. The selected anti-rust auxiliary materials will be strictly tested according to the quality standards of different materials after entering the factory, and FAG imported bearings can be issued and used by the supply department after they are qualified. In the course of use, the anti-rust materials and the prepared solution are tested regularly to ensure that the concentration and ratio of the solution meet the process requirements and achieve the performance. The establishment of a complete material acceptance system and quality acceptance standards provides a reliable guarantee for doing a good job in anti-rust management.