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FAG Bearing Damage Status And Cause Measures

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-05-14

1. Stripping

Damage state: When the FAG bearing is subjected to load rotation again, the raceway surface or rolling body surface of the inner ring and outer ring exhibits scaly peeling due to rolling fatigue.

Cause: The load is too large. Improper installation (non-linear) torque load foreign matter intrusion and water ingress. Poor lubrication, inappropriate lubricant FAG bearing clearance is not appropriate. The FAG bearing box has poor precision, and the rigidity of the FAG bearing box has a large deflection caused by rust, erosion points, scratches and indentation (surface deformation).

Measures: Check the size of the load and improve the installation method of the FAG bearing used in the research again to improve the sealing device and prevent rust during shutdown. Use lubricants of appropriate viscosity to improve lubrication methods. Check the accuracy of the shaft and FAG bearing housing. Check play.


2. Skinning

Damage status: A dark surface with slight abrasion is present, and there are multiple small cracks up to 5-10m deep from the surface, and a small peeling (micro peeling) occurs in a large range

Reason: The lubricant is not suitable. Foreign matter has entered the lubricant. Poor lubricant causes rough surface. The surface finish of the matching rolling parts is not good.

Measures: Select lubricant to improve the sealing device to improve the surface finish of the matching rolling parts.


3. Stuck

Damage state: The so-called stuck injury is a surface damage caused by a combination of minor burns on the sliding surface injury. Linear scratches on the slide surface and rolling surface in the circumferential direction. The cycloidal flaw on the roller end surface is close to the collar surface of the roller end surface.

Reason: Excessive load, excessive preload. Poor lubrication. Foreign bodies bite in. The inclination of the inner ring and outer ring, the deflection of the shaft. The accuracy of the shaft and FAG bearing box is poor.

Measures: Check the size of the load. Pre-pressure should be appropriate. Improve lubricants and lubrication methods. Check the accuracy of the shaft and FAG bearing box.

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4. Fracture

Damage state: The so-called fracture refers to a small part of fracture due to the application of musical impact or excessive load to the rib of the raceway wheel or the local part of the roller angle.

Reason: The installation was hit. The load is too large. Poor use such as drop.

Measures: Improve the installation method (use hot assembly, use appropriate tool holder). Correct the load conditions. FAG bearings are installed in place so that the ribs are supported.


5. Cracks

Damage state: The so-called crack refers to the crack damage of the raceway wheel or rolling element. If it continues to be used, it will also include crack development cracks.

Reason: Excessive excess. Excessive load, impact load. The divestiture has developed. Heat generation and fretting wear due to contact between the raceway wheel and the mounting member. Fever caused by creep. The cone angle of the cone axis is bad. The cylindricity of the shaft is bad. The radius of the shaft step is larger than the chamfer of the FAG bearing, which causes interference with the chamfer of the FAG bearing.

Measures: The amount of interference is appropriate. Check the load conditions. Improve the installation method. The shape of the shaft should be appropriate.


6. Indentation

Damage state: When small metal powder, foreign objects, etc. are bitten into, the dents on the raceway surface or rotating surface. Due to impact during installation etc., a concave surface (Brinell hardness indentation) was formed on the pitch of the rolling elements.

Cause: Foreign matter such as metal powder bites in. Excessive shock load during assembly or during transportation.

Measures: impact the sleeve. Improve the sealing device. Filter lubricants. Improve assembly and use methods.
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7. Pear-like pitting

Damage state: Weak gloss dark pear-shaped pitting on the raceway surface.

Cause: Foreign bodies bite in during the lubrication process. Condensation due to moisture in the air. Poor lubrication.

Measures: Improve the sealing device. Fully filter the lubricant. Use suitable lubricants.


8. Wear

Damage state: The so-called wear is caused by friction caused by wear on the raceway surface, rolling surface, roller end surface, collar surface, and concave surface of the cage.

Cause: Foreign body intrusion, development caused by rust and electric corrosion. Poor lubrication. Slip caused by irregular movement of rolling elements.

Measures: Improve the sealing device. Clean the FAG bearing box. Fully filter the lubricant. Check lubricant and lubrication method. Prevent non-linearity.


9. Fretting wear

Damage state: The wear caused by the relatively repeated small sliding between the two contact surfaces occurs at the contact portion of the raceway surface and the rolling element. Due to the occurrence of reddish brown and black abrasion powder, it is also called fretting abrasion corrosion.

Cause: Poor lubrication. Small amplitude swing motion. The amount of interference is insufficient.

Measures: Use appropriate lubricant. Add preload. Check the interference. Apply lubricant to the mating surface.
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