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Discussion on bearing heat treatment method

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2021-03-25

The heat treatment quality control of bearing ring parts is the most stringent in the entire machinery industry. In order to reduce the heat treatment deformation of bearing ring parts and increase the life, strict quality control should be carried out on the heat treatment process of bearing ring parts.



1. The first factor that affects the heat treatment quality of bearing ring parts is people. People's quality awareness, heat treatment expertise, operating skills, emotions, etc. play the most important role:



Guide operators to love heat treatment work, based on heat treatment positions, study hard and improve heat treatment professional knowledge and operating skills.


Improve people's quality awareness, make everyone value quality, and pay attention to quality from the details of each heat treatment operation;



2. Periodic calibration, testing, testing, use, maintenance and safe operation of heat treatment equipment, quenching medium and testing equipment:



Regardless of domestic and imported heat treatment equipment, the accuracy of the temperature in the effective area of the furnace heating, the accuracy of the holding time, and the accuracy of the control of the protective atmosphere in the furnace are important factors that determine the quality of the quenching and heating of the bearing ring parts;



The quality, temperature and quenching cooling time of the quenching medium are the key factors to ensure the quenching and cooling quality of the bearing ring parts;



Quoting the "Regulations on Furnace Temperature Uniformity Verification", "Regulations on Furnace Temperature Verification", "Regulations on Hardness Tester Verification", "Regulations on Heat Treatment Tank Liquid Testing", and heat treatment equipment in the heat treatment quality control methods of aviation parts. , Testing equipment "Safety Work Instructions", various heat treatment process operations "Operation Instructions" and other quality control documents, use and maintain heat treatment equipment, quenching media and testing equipment, and ensure that the furnace temperature, quenching media and testing equipment are accurate and reliable , It is very necessary to guarantee the quality of heat treatment of bearing ring parts.

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3. Heat treatment process method:



Through the adjustment and control of process parameters such as quenching, cleaning, tempering temperature and time, the content of retained austenite in the bearing ring is reduced, the strength and toughness and wear resistance of the bearing ring parts are improved, and the expansion coefficient is controlled. Within the required range, it can improve the noise performance of the bearing after multiple installations, and also improve the reliability and service life of the bearing;



Using the structural characteristics of the mesh belt furnace, through the adjustment and control of the quenching temperature and oil temperature, the thermal stress of the bearing ring parts during quenching can be reduced, which can greatly reduce the deformation of the thin-walled and large-size bearing ring parts;



Preparatory heat treatment methods such as normalizing and high temperature tempering can also be used to make up for the gap with foreign bearing steel materials, which has a certain effect on improving the reliability and life of the bearing, but it will increase some production costs. The company uses it when conditions permit. It can also be used as an emergency method;



Adopt advanced heat treatment processes such as carburizing, carbonitriding, cold treatment, ion implantation, surface coating, intermediate frequency quenching, bainite austempering, etc., which can significantly improve the impact toughness, microhardness and contact fatigue of bearing ring parts Life, wear resistance and service life, the company can use these heat treatment technologies to develop new bearing products when conditions permit;



Four sets: "Determining operators, heat treatment equipment, process regulations, and work instructions" is an important measure for the quality assurance of heat treatment of bearing ring parts. Only operators strictly follow the process regulations and work instructions. In order to ensure the heat treatment quality of the bearing ring parts;



Standardize, standardize, and simplify the complex heat treatment technology, and strive to be concise and easy to understand in the preparation of the process regulations and work instructions, so that the heat treatment operator understands how to do the work and how to do it well.