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Comparison Of Crossed Roller Bearings And Turntable Bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2020-07-17

Rotating table bearings and crossed roller bearing bearings are similar in function and structure, such as high stiffness, high precision, high bearing characteristics, and superb performance at high speed transmission. More and more traditional high-precision CNC lathe processing machinery and equipment such as CNC indexing discs, column-type CNC machining centers, vertical grinders, etc., abandon traditional design schemes, and select high-precision cross-roller bearings and rotation with stronger characteristics. Worktable bearings.


Rotary table bearings are popular in China and are also called rotary table bearings or roulette bearings. They are a type of bearing developed by a French INA company similar to a three-row roller bearing composed of a slewing bearing structure, which is relatively different from three-row roller bearings. The structured slewing bearing has the characteristics of small specifications, high accuracy level, high stiffness, and load-bearing diamond-type resistance to destruction. The key applications are in high-precision CNC turntables, CNC indexing plates, column-type CNC machining centers, vertical grinders, radar detection, and precision-processed medical devices.

Crossed roller bearing bearings are also called cross-roller bearing bearings. The turning body is generally selected from cylindrical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings. On a single dovetail guide rail, the crosses are sorted and arranged between the roller bearings and the roller bearings. According to the distance between the transparent retainer or the protective block, it has a high rotation precision, a large carrying capacity, a small size, and a high rotation rate and rigidity, and has a very common main purpose. Applicable to industrial machinery, robot welding, medical equipment and other mechanical equipment industries with slightly lower loads and slightly lower accuracy levels.


    Rotary table bearings and crossed roller bearing bearings have the advantages that traditional bearings cannot cross over at all levels.

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Advantages of turntable bearings


    1. The precision level that can be achieved by the turntable bearing is much higher than that of the cross roller bearing, and the radial runout and axial runout that can be achieved are much lower than the cross roller bearing.

    2. The rigidity of the turntable bearing is greater than that of the cross roller bearing, and the running noise is smaller than that of the cross roller bearing. Therefore, it is much better to choose the turntable bearing in a working environment with high precision and low noise.

    3. The structure of the turntable bearing is fully sealed. The cross roller bearing is a fixed rubber seal. The sealing performance of the turntable bearing is better than that of the cross roller bearing. Crossed roller bearings are more sensitive to metal debris, and metal debris can easily cause bearing damage, so turntable bearings are more suitable for areas with higher operating life requirements.

    4. The load bearing capacity of the turntable bearing of the same size is much higher than that of the cross roller bearing, and the radial size of the turntable bearing is smaller than that of the cross roller bearing. Rotary table bearings are better at withstanding greater loads and smaller radial dimensions.

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Advantages of crossed roller bearings


    1. Crossed roller bearings can be easily assembled in all directions of the main shaft, mass production can be achieved through standardization and serialization, and assembly and use are more convenient.

    2. Crossed roller bearings can bear both radial and axial loads at the same time, so cross roller bearings can be simplified a lot more than multiple sets of combined bearing structures.

    3. Due to the high rotation efficiency and low heat dissipation of crossed roller bearings, the grease consumption is small.


At the structural level, the structure of the rotary table bearing and the cross roller bearing is relatively simple. The traditional bearing is much simpler. According to the three-row cylindrical reversing body, it can obtain very large radial and axial load carrying capacity and overturning. The torque and structure are much simpler, and traditional bearings must be arranged in accordance with the order of several sets of bearings to achieve the same practical effect, which produces a lot of convenience in the design and installation. Bearing three-row roller bearings constitute a slewing bearing structure and a single-double row raceway structure of crossed roller bearing bearings. Compared with traditional bearings, it occupies much less indoor space in machinery and equipment, and the installation difficulty factor is also greatly reduced.


From the installation level, the installation of the rotary table bearing is more convenient, and the organizational design scheme is more simplified. However, the cross-type roller bearing bearings RU series products, XU series products, XSU series products cross-type roller bearing bearings have also been improved. The actual effect of installation and application of the hole design scheme can also be matched. Therefore, how to use this type of rotary table bearing can be effectively considered according to the precision requirements and cost of the machinery and equipment. It is an inexpensive cross-roller bearing. Bearings are still high-end series products; in terms of maintenance, two major types of bearings have developed grease hole and oil groove design schemes. The bearings are moisturized and convenient, and high-grade airline lubricants are used. Bearing reliability and service life are all a series of guarantees; in general, rotary table bearings are suitable for high-end customers, such as high-precision CNC turntables, medical machinery, scientific research equipment, measuring equipment, etc., cross-type roller bearings The bearings are suitable for precision machining equipment such as laminated glass grinding equipment, rotating tables, etc.