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Classification of SKF tapered roller bearings

Source:  skf bearing  Time:  2011-12-14

     SKF tapered roller bearings can be separated.The inner ring with roller and cage assemblies and components with the outer ring can be installed separately. Roller and raceway contact at the contact line can be modified to reduce the stress concentration.SKF tapered roller bearings can withstand high radial loads and axial loads. As the tapered roller bearing axial load can only pass one way, so in order to pass in the opposite direction of the axial load need to install another with symmetrical tapered roller bearings.

    The largest using amount of tapered roller bearings is single row tapered roller bearings. The front wheels of the car in recent years to spend the small size of the double row tapered roller bearings. Four-row tapered roller bearings used in large-scale cold rolling mill and other heavy machines.Single row tapered roller bearings have a outer, the inner ring and a set of tapered roller cover from the box-type cage into an inner component. Outer and inner components can be separated, SKFtapered roller bearings according to ISO standard dimensions, any one standard model of tapered roller bearing outer ring or inner ring components can and should be outer or inner components of the same model to achieve international exchange. The same model except that the Department of outer dimensions, tolerances must comply with ISO492 (GB307) requirements, the inner components of the cone angle, cone diameter and other components must also meet the relevant provisions of the exchange.